No Bull Milk Processing Pty Ltd (NBMP) was established to complete the initial requirements for the construction of a 300 million litre per annum milk processing plant. The proposed NBMP plant is designed to produce milk powder and butter products. The Plant is to be located in Cohuna, which is in the Gannawarra Shire, a very strong dairying region in Northern Victoria.

NBMP is backed by credible local sponsors; John Mawson and Jason Wright. John and Jason are the Directors of  NBMP.  Both are well established and respected businessmen based in Cohuna.  They have a deep commitment to the region where  the plant will be located. They passionately believe in the dairy industry and the viability of a processing plant located in Cohuna.

NBMP has engaged many highly regarded industry professionals to lead, manage, advise on and cost the project. Globally recognised companies have been commissioned to undertake particular investigations in their area of expertise, these investigation cover every aspect of the project.

NBMP has strong support from Local Council and the Victorian Government.

Meetings with local milk producers have provided positive feedback and enthusiastic support. The Suppliers believe that the project will be strongly supported by the broader community.






1 Feasibility Study

2 State and Local Government approvals

3 EPA approvals and requirements

4 Securing of the land

5 Initial design of the plant

6 Initial costings

7 Supplier meetings and community consultations.

8 Technology Providers have submitted proposals for the initial design and budget  costing of the plant.


With all the time consuming initial lead up work now done, the  project is approaching the “Next to Turn Key” stage and NBMP are  now seeking an investor or investors to fund the project through to  completion.